Project: Code-name Ultra-Bator


7 Years
Mar 9, 2012
AL/TN Stateline
My Coop
My Coop

Half way though the strip down

Original fan re-used

beta version of the heating unit. Final version will be using heating coils

Compressor fan re-purposed to circulation duty

Cover and power off

temp/humidity sensor

power on, cover back in place

Humidity controlled, upgraded to 2 liter for the supply

kid proofing

Temps hold nicely even with just the lightbulbs
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If you wire in power you can place auto turners on each shelf and load them with the eggs to turn for you.
LOL yeah, the hand turning crap is just for the beta runs. Ordered the aluminum and steel yesterday to build the turning system. Still lots of odds and ends to get for it. Decided on the heating system as well. GQF sells the replacement heaters for their cabinet models. Instead of one tho im going to use 4(the project is about 4x the size of a gqf sportsman). I'm aiming for 10 trays and hoping for enough room for a bottom flat roller style turner.
More Updates:

Some of the first chicks hatched from the ultrabator


More fuzzys

Added a new pulley inside, added a pulley outside guiding the wire rope, and doubled the shelves up with more wire rope
great job! what are the two dif color lights for? and I love the kid proofing!! LOL
Great ingenuity!

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