Prolapse and bleeding

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Hi All, I am trying to treat my first prolapse and suspect there might be more going on. As I want to save this hen I am wondering if the blood is normal for prolapse or if she might of got pecked as well ? If she was pecked are her chances still good or

Aww... poor thing. That looks painful. I think she’s getting pecked, as well. Do you know how to treat this? Warm epsom salt soak. Then you need to keep it moist with something like triple antibiotic ointment so the tissue doesn’t dry out and die. Hemorrhoid cream can help with swelling, but I think the antibiotic ointment should be done first. Let’s see what others say.
I’m sorry to hear that you and your hen are going thru this!! I just had my first prolapse and successfully got it to go back in yesterday!! Took 6 days!

We pulled her from the flock and have her set up in a wire dog crate in the garage. We kept it dark so she would stop laying and only exposed her to 6-8 hours of sunlight. I bought Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care, Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Hydrogel and BlueKote from the feed store and PreparationH from the store. I ended up not using the BlueKote since it is so dark and makes it difficult to see if you have necrotic tissue.

We wrapped her in a towel with her head covered to keep her calm.

I used a water bottle and poked a small hole in the lid with a needle so I could get spraying pressure. I used this for the warm Epsom salt water. I used this first to clean. With paper towels and Q-Tips. Then I used the wound and skin care, and then the Hydrogel. I waited for the Hydrogel to dry, then I would mix a dab of Vaseline with the PreparationH and spread that all over. The Vaseline helped to keep the tissue from drying out. After the bleeding stopped is when I started to push the prolapse back in, I would hold it for a couple of minutes before I set her down.

I also fed her extra calcium. 1/2 tab of Caltrate crushed up and sprinkled over egg or mixed in with yogurt. Did this for 3 days.

My girls seems like she’s doing well! We’re going to keep her separated for a few more days so we can limit her sunlight and watch her. I’m now tossing around the idea of giving her antibiotics.

Good luck to you both!!
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Granny, I'm sorry to hear about this:hugs

It does look like she has been pecked.
Do you know if she passed the egg?
Give her a good soak in warm epsom salts, clean up the vent, then apply some Vetericyn if you have it, if not use a little triple antibiotic ointment. After the application of ointment, then apply a little hemorrhoid cream to help keep it moist. That tissue will dry out and die if not kept moist.

The pecked tissue may need to heal a little and swelling go down before the prolapse will stay in - it can take a few days, so as long as you keep it cleaned and ointment on she should do o.k.

Do your normal thing - keeping her drinking, vitamins if you have them, extra calcium.
Keep her separated, calm and in good spirits:)

Let us know how she is.
Morning, Yes, she laid her egg. It was not big at all. I did the salt bath, antibiotics , vitamins/electrolights and have the calcium sitting here. I didnt get the prep.H . I put it in a few times . Last time I kept her wrapped in the towel. She isnt tame and every time she struggles against me it comes out more.
Thank you everyone for responding
She laid another egg just as bloody as the first. I have her cage dark. I checked on her and she is giving me the stink eye. Question/idea ? I am disabled Had a really hard time soaking /dumping the water . Its time for another soak. NOT using my sinks. :sick
hmmm....the 'ol stink eye, is she perhaps a Barred Rock:D

O.K. back to being serious - can you place her in a steamy bathroom? That will help with moisture.

You can also hold warm compresses to vent- soaked epsom salts rag against the prolapse if that is easier for you.

Another idea - what is your weather like? If you are just needing to clean her up - fill a spray bottle with your warm salt solution and spray the poop off her (prolapse and poop seem to go hand-in-hand) - this may be better doing it outside if your weather is agreeable. Swaddle her in a towel to control her, you just need access to the vent. Dry her and then slather on the ointment to keep the exposed tissue moist.

The blood is concerning to me - hopefully it's just from earlier damage and she will begin to heal up before she lays another egg.

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