Prolapsed & sutured chicken now can't poop

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    May 2, 2010
    Searched the forums for a similar situation, but couldn't find, so here's my first post. My hen prolapsed last Thursday. I read the threads on this forum and cleansed the mass, applied honey and pushed back in. However, it didn't go in all the way, so I took her to our local bird clinic. The sutured her up and sent her back with me with antibiotics and general care instructions. Now she can't poop. She keeps straining and straining and a little poop comes out and stays dangling from her butt. We've been cleaning the area around her anus 3-4 times a day with warm water, applied k-y jelly to the area, given her cod liver oil, but nothing's changed it keeps coming back. I think they may have stitched her up too tight? She has pretty much stopped eating now, but does not appear to be in pain (although she probably is). I talked to the vet yesterday and they recommended the ky jelly, and suggested a surgical procedure, but the latter is simply out of the question. The vet's closed for the next two days, so really don't know what to try next to keep her alive. If I force feed her she will need to poop more, which she can't do. Thinking about culling at this point. Any advice? Also, what is best method for culling - I read that giving her whiskey will work....true? Thanks.
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    Im sorry, I have no advice for you, but hoping a more experienced BYC'er will speak up
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    I wouldnt give her whiskey to cull!!! Simply use a SHARP butcher knife, or any axe or hatchet. If you can't bring yourself to, and own a gun, I would reccommend shooting.

    I have no advice for the illness.....
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    Aug 1, 2011
    wschicken -- What happened in the end? I am in a similar situation.

    Thanks for your guidance.

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