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I will be getting baby ducks in a few weeks .. right now I have 4 drakes and have been feeding them a game bird crumble, the protein amount is 21% .. I read that ducks should only be at 18% until they are three weeks and then it should be lowered to 16% or less..IS this correct?
I use all Organic feed for my chicks and was planning to use an organic Chick starter for the ducklings but my concern is what feed to switch to at 3 weeks?
Also how long would I need to use a heat lamp for them ? I live in Maine and right now we are reaching 60's during the day.. not everyday .. and still dropping into the 30's some nights . THe ducklings should be here within the next 2 weeks so temps may go up but then again they may not :)
I will keep them in a brooder box in the house for the first week and was planning to move them to the garage at week 2 . Will they be ok at 50-60 degrees or do they need more heat than that? First time with duck babies
To me, that is the wrong question. Protein content is only as good as the limiting amino acids. Research suggests the diet should be 1.5 g methionine/1000 kcal ME, 3.84 g/ 1000 kcal ME for arginine, 3.75 g/ 1000 kcal ME of lysine.....other amino acids should be sufficient (they can be converted from other AAs).

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Thanks Holly.. do you have any suggestions on the feed?
Im sorry Speceider but I have NO idea what you mean… Im a much more basic kinda girl.. If you have that answer in laymen's termsI might know what you mean. But Thanks all the same.
Guess the simple answer is higher protein to make sure you have sufficient amino acids...

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