PT Testers, looking for table ideas.


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Feb 12, 2021
West Texas
For those of you who have been PT Testers for a while, what equipment/PPE do you like/dislike? I'd really like to build a table like they use at Cackle (see this video:
). The table is mostly for myself, I have a lot of birds and only one of me. But since it appears I might be one of the few authorized testers in my area, it might come in handy later too.

In class, we used full tyvek with booties and a hair net and loose needles/loops. They recommended a double headed pin vice (I already have a few in a toolbox somewhere). Tyvek in TX is HOT, so I'm looking at disposable lab coats or isolation gowns instead. My biggest concern other than footwear conveyed disease is Marek's (I already know too much about it, I don't want to bring it home!), hence the disposable stuff.

I have all the stuff to make the light box that's sold by many places too, but I think I'm going to make something better. So what's your experience, how much do you actually lug about when you go out? Thanks!
How are you doing on this project? I'd love to see what you come up with.
I have what I think will work well as a base for the table and most of the hardware. I'm searching for an acceptable table top now (because I don't want to spend a lot of money on one). I've put together my kit except for the plate. It's been put on the back burner for now.
My laser cutter has been sitting for more than a year needing a power supply, which I have, but haven't had the time or need to install it. Worst case I can just go buy a small sheet at Lowes, but I have STACKS of acrylic in my garage and I'm stubborn. I also have to dig out my CNC machine to make a big round thing as a retirement gift, so I may source the tabletop with that wood when I buy it.

I still have to measure chickens too. I'll post pictures and instructions whenever I finally get it done.

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