pullet eggs only been laying for 2 weeks

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    May 26, 2011
    my pullets have only been laying for 2 weeks and one of my dogs got my roo the eggs are on the med size i put 3 days worth of eggs in my bator i know the eggs are fertil cause i have the bulls eye in them just worried if they will hatch out or are the eggs just to small to really have a chance ive got 18 eggs in the bator hopeing that i can at least get a roo to hatch out
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    Quote:You have at least 60 % chances of getting rooster

    But why dont you adopt one

    here you can find some beautifull roos
    pure breeds
    very cheap or free

    even if you get a roo on your hatch.. you will have to wait 6 months for the boy to start breeding
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    May 26, 2011
    well i have some other roos but the one i lost was my jersey giant and its harder to find them up here in maine besides ive got plenty of coop space for the new chicks when they are old enuff my last hatch i did i only got 4 eggs out of 12 to hatch out and got 3 roos out of 4 chicks but i really liked that big roo so im just trying to keep the big bird line going my other ones are just a barn yard mix and not nearly as big as he was and i dont think they will be that big the ones i hatched were born in july and are crowing already but dont really look nearly as big as he was at the same age
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    I would like to know too. I am saving some of the larger eggs from my new layers and am planning on putting them in the incubator on Wednesday. I have several Roos. I have been checking the eggs for fertility.
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