pullet just started laying, eating dirt!

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    Aug 21, 2013
    Hello all and thanks for any input! I have a small mixed breed flock of pullets all 26 weeks old. I have one BO who just started laying this week, and she has laid 3 perfect eggs thus far. They have a coop and run, and are let out to free range once a day under close supervision due to lots of hawks. I noticed today that during their free range time, the BO seemed to be eating a good amount of dirt. Every time I went outside when they were locked in their run, she screamed to be let out of the run, and when she was let out she went straight for dirt to eat. What was very strange is that when I went out this evening to lock them in their coop, I had a flashlight to light my way, and as soon as she saw the light she jumped down from the roost, ran out of the run, and started eating dirt even though it was pitch dark outside! The flock eats Green Mountain Organic Soy Free Layer free choice, with a handful of scratch or mealworms once per day. They often get greens, such as lettuce and kale, as well as sour milk or yogurt. They occasionally get treats like leftover pasta or brown rice. They also have access to chicken grit in their run at all times. I have offered crushed eggshells that this BO was mildly interested in today. Her eggs thus far have had nice strong shells. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance, this is my first year with chickens and I want to make sure they get everything they need!
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    kb...sounds like you are doing things right, and have a good program going.....keep in mind that birds are individuals and all have their special traits....not a problem, just a observation on your part.
    Good luck.


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