Pullet or Cockeral ? Going in 3 days ....

Good guesses
I'll go look @ breed specs.

we do not know so the more the better.
How many toes? I'm not sure on the Faverolle mix as he has a tiny pea comb from the looks of it, and most mixes of a pea and a single comb don't result in a small pea comb.
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Feathers on feet, 4 toes. Noticed he's a ROO... Sad but true Crowing now ....sounds like he's underwater and in a Can.
Still he's crowing. 2 Roos Going to Auction so far.

Need to KNOW on 4 Poultry that's left.

1st : Redd :

2nd : Turk :

3rd : CottN

3rd : CottN

4th : Pebbles

4th :pebbles 2nd: Turk

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