Pullet or Cockerel? - Curious rookie chicken owner from Orange County!


Jun 7, 2016
This is our first time raising chickens and I think we've got 4 pullets, but one of our Barred Rocks (named Cutie) has been developing a red comb, so I'm wondering if she's a he. I'm going out of town soon and need to make sure none of them start crowing while I'm gone...that would be bad! These are pics at 11 weeks old, and there are two pics per chicken.

Jumper (1) - Easter Egger

Jumper (2) - Easter Egger

Ligtning (1) - Easter Egger

Lightning (2) - Easter Egger

Pecker (1) - Barred Rock

Pecker (2) - Barred Rock

Cutie (1) - Barred Rock

Cutie (2) - Barred Rock

Thanks for your help with this!
One of my bantams has always had a pink comb (my broody hatched her) but she's a girl. She started sprouting wattles and really reddening up at 10 weeks old. 11 weeks is perfectly acceptable for girls to start growing their combs and wattles. Some mature faster than others. A barred cockerel would look whiter with finer black barring. Your barred girls both look darker like they should. You have a beautiful bunch.
Glad to hear that they are pullets! One more question...The two chickens that I think are Easter Eggers were sold as Ameraucana's. They're not Americana's, right?

All pullets, two Easter eggers and two barred Rocks. Pretty little flock
Personally, I don't usually care for white birds, but the white EE with the blue legs are so pretty to me.

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