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A while back I got eggs from PC, however via shipping, cold temps and what have you only one egg developed to hatching. A normal jumbo brown I was happy to have because it was from PC! LOL! Anywhooo, around 10 days old I noticed she had funky feathers....I thougth nothing of it really thought maybe she was just feathering out funky...but I thought MAYBE that's a curly gene...but I Didnt want to get excited.

I waited and waited, and now she's fully feathered, and im positive she's a curly carrier. I've never wanted or seeked out the curly coturnixs because I like the normal feather look in them, I'm more interested in the colors. However I noticed people who know that coturnix come in curly seem facinated by this gene. So I was happy to have it and maybe see about reproducing it..if it's recessive it'll take about 2 generations for me to see it I'm guessing. Anywho...I'm pretty sure PC is a hen... and she's not a dramatic curly, which is explainable since PC (purple chicken) said that none of his birds were visably curly, so either this curly gene mutated from his quail, OR two birds carring the gene in their background expressed it to produce one for ME!
The more I work with it, the more curly the feathers should become on future offspring. May not be the look I want, but I am excited to work towards some funky curlies that others may like...if not I'll probably not work with them much longer after I achieve my curly facination goal LOL but im sure some will...and if I get it looking neat enough it'd probably look really cool in TUXEDO! LOL

I've been wanting to show her off for a while but wanted to be POSITIVE! I've been positive for a few days now but just haven't got around to posting.













The curling is primarily on her flight feathers, but it's also on some of her lower wing feathers, and on her flanks and back, and SOME on her neck though I was having trouble showing that.
I would love to have some curly quail. They are so cool. I'm fascinated by curly and frizzle. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe because they're different from the norm.
That's why im excited to play with them because im a genetic FREAK, and esp with my quail...im like a mad scientist....so other peoples interest in this gene is the perfecto excuse...maybe it'll grow on me.
I just think it looks like a ruffled up bird that doesnt take care of it's feathers. Maybe I can make it look more uniform somehow over time? If I can then I'm sure it will grow on me.

*plans in the making*
Will surely do, it's the only reason I'll be breeding them is for others, I'll keep this post updated with resulting offspring from her. I may keep her indoors all spring/summer long so I can control eggs knowing they're from her
I'll have to figure out who I want her boyfriend to be, I guess for the first breeding it really wont matter much so maybe I'll make the male a tuxedo or a tibetan already of the bat

It's a curlyquail!!

Monarc did you microwave that egg?

I need to go check all my quail hens now. I've never checked all of them
very close.
YEPPERS i microwaved it in a mad scientist experiment! LOL! yes I would check them out because im really interested if she showed up from a visable curly bird(s) of yours OR if it's a hidden gene. I asked Mark (birdbory88) if any of his from you had curled feathers and he said nope so asking the source itself, YOU was my best option for finding out lol!

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