Push-in nipple waterer - first attempt didn't work, now what??

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    So I bought 5 push-in nipple waterers, drilled the holes in a juice bottle, and was on my merry way making a 2-nipple waterer for my chicks. One of the holes didn't bore as well and leaked from behind the plug. I cut open the bottle and took them out, but now I have the nipples stuck in the black rubber plugs.

    My question - when I drill into PVC pipe next time, can I just push in this whole apparatus that is already stuck together? I think my chances of getting the plugs off undamaged are pretty slim. I used *that kind* of lube and it worked great, but it's very slippery and I've had a darn hard time trying to get the plugs off the nipples. [​IMG]

    Any feedback is appreciated!

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    If by *that kind* of lube you mean a water soluble kind, then that might be the cause of the leaking. But I'm not really too familiar with the push in kind. The kind I use screw into the hole. Now that I think, *that kind* of lube might be appropriate. I jest. Hope I don't get a warning for that.

    Anyhow the thinner plastics like juice bottles are notorious for not working really well with nipples. As for putting water nipples in PVC pipe, many use a silicone sealer to help keep them from leaking. Yes, none of this answers your question but hopefully it will help you some when you use them the next time.
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  3. I have never had any problems with the screw in type. I also use plastic bottle. I drill a hole in the cap and a hole in the bottom o the bottle. The nipple goes in the hard plastic cap and I put a bolt through the bottom and hand the bottle. I'll illustrate with a couple of pictures


    That last shot was a grituitus showing of my new mother cluckers
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    I should do that for myself. Before the bottle is empty. Just kidding!

    I've never had a problem with the screw in ones either. Putting them in the cap is a great idea if you still do have the cap. I used a vinegar bottle that didn't though so I put it in the bottom and it still worked great. The thought that thinner bottles don't do as well is mainly from reading the directions that come with the nipples.
  5. Galanie, LOLOLOL I had the arduous task of making sure the Gin was gone before I used it for the mother cluckers... I'm self sacrificing.... LOL

    @ Blaze.... Remember you always have to have a hole i the top of the bottle or the nipple won't flow... just creates a vacuum
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    I bored my holes slighly smaller than the 11/32 that everyone recommends. When hubby and I were looking at the size of the drill bit compared to the size of the o-rings...that size drill bit looks to be ok for the screw-in nipples we got but not for the push-ins. A slightly smaller hole size lets the o-ring fill the space better to prevent leaking.

    I don't see why you can't push the whole ensemble in at one time instead of putting the o-rings in separately. It might be a little more difficult in the rigid plastic of pvc pipe but you don't have anything to lose.
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    1 have 4 five gal buckets w/push in nipples never a problem w/a leak. i alwayes use dish detergent for lub. if you want to re use your old ones just pull off the rubber o rings and re use them, no problem. good luck joe
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    I like it! When the bottle starts getting full of algae, just chuck it, and use a new one! I have the heart of a scavenger...

    Cute chicks, by the way. They're at the stage where they remind me of the 11 year old kids I teach at school. All gangly and silly, but you know
    they'll be gorgeous soon.


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