Putt-Putt or other entertainment ideas for autistic kid


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Jan 11, 2011
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After extensive testing, evaluations, and lots of misery, it turns out my son is not just ADHD but also OCD, high functioning autistic, and a plethora of other problems. The evaluators recommended we start immediately getting him more active. He doesn't have any friends because while his body is 14, his maturity level is around 6 and his comprehension around 10. He has almost no upper body strength, and nothing interests him except for movies, cartoons, movie ratings, making movies, etc. He likes our baby chicks but I have to watch him carefully. He exercycles twice a week, and we lift weights together twice a week (starting this week). He schools at home.

Anywho... we're trying to come up with some ways to get him more active. Doesn't want to participate in any group activity, so we thought if we turned part of our garage into a fun-place (like a game-room) or something, neighborhood kids might want to come over to play. We have a three-car garage: 1 single beside the double. We can put up something to block them off / separate them.

Question: does anyone have any ideas on how to change a garage into a small putt-putt course? Home-made but professional looking enough to entice kids to come over to play? Or is there something else we can do with the garage (that doesn't cost much money) for the same purpose? And get some upper body strength going?

Think: single car garage. Shelves along the back wall and part of the side wall. No windows. Not finished. Concrete floor. Only entrance is the big overhead garage door, or go through the double garage into the kitchen and through the house.

We have a single car garage and we built a wall with a door to block off part of it where are washer and dryer is located and the rest of the garage is a game room with a pool table in the center of the game room part. I painted the room orange and blue (for the Florida Gators Football team) on one side and maroon and gold (for Florida State Seminoles) on the other. This was not done all at one time of course. I made simple long rail type shelves that are on each wall for a place to sit a glass. The walls have all types of decorations from John Wayne pictures to old remote control cars on the walls. You name it it's there. We also have a small tv that a simple plug in video game controller that plays pacman is located. Oh we also painted the floor with garage paint. Nothing fancy but my hubby and kids love it.

I also have a nephey that is ADHD and OCD. He was born extremely premature and has had a list of different problems. He's now 14 years old. I used to bring him over all the time to hang out because he didn't have anyone to play with at home either but now that he's gotten older he has his own friends and doesn't want to come over as much.

I would be a little careful though, because if the neighborhood kids only want to come over because of what he has in the garage, would you really want them hanging out with your son? I'm sure you thought of this but just wanted to mention it.
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Hmmm... a pool table. There's a thought. Wonder how much one runs.

ETA: Yeah, thought about that it would just bring kids over to play with whatever we set up. But no one could get to it without accessing the house first, so if it was like the horrible kids next door who torture animals, we wouldn't let them in. Good point tho.

Anything else?
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Ice hockey table? Shuffleboard? Basketball hoop? Deck hockey? Sometimes, I think kids play hockey on their knees with short sticks.
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Go on freecycle.org in your area and see if anyone has one they would be willing to part with. Explain your circumstance, and people are good about giving for a good cause. Hope it helps. I have a 33 year old dau. that is autistic with other issues, and while she is on disability with depression being the major cause of that, she is functional and able to live on her own. You always will have your ups and downs, but they are also some of the best people you will ever meet or be lucky enough to have in your family. They will drive you crazy one day with their oddities, but then make you laugh your hiney off the next because they do have oddities. Good luck!!!
We actually have a ping-pong table top that my DH bought later that sits on top of the pool table so they play that too. You can find them all different prices and sizes. It just depends on how much you want to spend. Ours was a Christmas gift that I bought my DH and made payments, but I've seen a smaller version that has both and hockey advertised at Walmart. You might even place an add in case someone wants to give one away. It happens.
Wonder if he'd be interested in hockey? Gonna have to take all of these suggestions and present them to him. Thanks for the ideas. Keep 'em coming!

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