Putting more chicks under hen 2wks after first lot?

Goddess Sekhmet

9 Years
May 29, 2013
Hi all,

I have an Australorp hen that went broody, so I've opted to put this 4 freshly-hatched Australorp chicks under her last night.

I originally wanted to put Guineafowl under her, but they're 2 weeks from hatching. I was wondering if it were feasible to still try slipping them under her at night, although the Australorp chicks would be 2 weeks old at that stage: would she or the other chicks reject the newcomers?

(if I have another hen go broody in the interim I'll opt to use her, given the choice)

TIA :)
I agree with post above. And will also add that even IF she did accept them, the newborns wouldnt be able to keep up with the active and much more feathered two-week-olds. And your broody wouldnt understand she once again needed to stay mostly motionless and hunkered down to keep the newborns warm. Ive had much sucess introducing OLDer chicks to a broody with newborns. But when i tried it the way you are hoping to do, it never worked for me. Chicks began to die from being left behind on cold morns, & i ended up bringing the remaining survivors indoors to artificially brood.

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