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Mar 8, 2018
I currently have a little giant forced air and a A Pluschoice brand incubator. Looking to start with these to incubate Bobwhite eggs. I've used the Little Giant before and had a very bad experience. No survival:(. However not willing to give up. Want to try again. Any help available???.
Hey there! Make sure that the eggs you have to put in are good. Clean and disinfect the incubator prior to use. It is a good idea to make sure the temperature and hygrometer are giving a true reading don't just rely on the digital readout.
I had to dry incubate my coturnix as I couldn't get the humidity down. The temp. I started with was 37.8 C humidity at 30%. I candled day 10. Kept turning to day 14 then locked down and increased humidity to 55% and temp. down to 37.5 C. I got 18/24 hatch. Not bad really.
It doesn't matter too much if your not exactly to the numbers. It can depend on where you are and the environment. But you do need to be sure that your readings are what they say. Keep trying. Quail aren't to hard to hatch. You'll soon be having loads of tiny fuzzballs to enjoy!

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