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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Dr. Pollo, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Dec 22, 2011
    I was told that quail won't really use a nesting box... they pretty much just lay on the bottom of the coop.. anywhere! is this true?

  2. Dr. Pollo :

    I was told that quail won't really use a nesting box... they pretty much just lay on the bottom of the coop.. anywhere! is this true?

    Yup, It is true.​
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    They will lay anywhere if you don't provide a box for them. I have kitty litter boxes and put oystershells in the pan for the birds to dustbathe in. They lay in the pan. Some birds don't get it and lay right next to them. The newer ones do that. After a while most eggs tend to go in the pan.
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    I have had the same experiences as Quaillady, I put sand boxes with grit and oyster shell in with my coturnix and 99% of them lay in the "sandbox", I get a rebel every now and then that just wants to lay her eggs on wire but for the most part they lay in the sandbox

  5. [​IMG]

    I made this nesting box 8'' X8" with a hole about 4 1/2'' outside dimensions. ALL (not some but all) of my females lay in this nest box. In a years time only a handful wound up being laid in the sand box or wire. Even the new/younger hens lay in this nest box without fail. Probably a learned thing.

    So NEST BOXES DO WORK WITH COTURNIX QUAIL. I have the same size box in my breeders pen and it works their as well. I don't know if the reason for them all laying in the boxes is from putting it in the cage from day one or if it is the size or both. But it DOES WORK.

    Tried and True from experience. I have also made these for others and they work with them. Although it seems my covey in particular have really taken to my boxes. I fill them with alfalfa.
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    Mar 2, 2009
    nesting box

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    Quote:Nice quail pen chick charm!! looks like you have them up against the neighbors fence... do you have a box or something to catch the droppings, and do you cover the open area when it rains?

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    Sep 20, 2010
    Quote:That may be the trick then [​IMG]
    Nest box or not, coturnix will lay eggs when they are ready. Generally where they are most excited, usually the sand box, but I suppose an alfalfa lined nest box would be just as nice and exciting of a place. [​IMG]

    Deploy nest boxes if you like, but I don't think them necessary. It's just one more thing to clean in my world, but I would never tell someone else not to build a nest box.
  9. Nest boxes for quail seem unnecessary but can be used if you prefer. I think the the biggest key is putting the nest box before your quail go in so that they get used to it and not making them too big. Stuffing them with alfalfa has worked for me as they just have to make a nest in it. And yes they will poop in it at first but the pooping does taper off after they ALL have begun to lay in it. I think this is instinctual as well.

    If you give them a nest they seem to gravitate to it without any training. I can only speak with my experience with coturnix quail and not other species.

    I use a 2sf per bird rule myself before putting in the feeder/water ect.

    I set my coops on Hitching posts that I make to keep them off the ground and up high. As for poo collection= I rake a couple times a week to keep the smell down. And I throw straw under the coops on the ground. Also, one coop is under the protection of the porch and the others have a roof that provides protection from the sun and occasional rainstorm. I choose to install shutters that can be let down for added protection when needed.

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    Quote:WHATS A NEST BOX? [​IMG]

    I hope this is sarcasm...[​IMG]..[​IMG]

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