Quail passed away.


Apr 16, 2016
My quail Oakley just passed away at 9 years old. She turned 9 on the forth of July. She was a Coturnix quail That are supposed to live 3-5 years so I guess that's not true. I hatched her out of the incubator my self. It suck because she was the most friendly thing ever and she was my best egg layer and best at show for 4 years strait at the state fair. R.I.P poor old Oakley she had a very good life.
Aw I'm sorry to here that to. Its sad because no matter how hard you try you can't really save them.
Sorry for your loss.
She had a wonderful, loving home and lived longer than 99% of quail in the world so you can take comfort in what you provided her.
Sooo Sorry to hear.. She sure put in a lot of good years!! Since you have raised quail, can I ask you some questions? I'm a first timer.. A co-worker of my DH gave him some pheasant & eggs.. I researched everything I could as well as contacted a quail farm regarding hatching.. Anyway, We officially hatched all 3 pheasant eggs & 17 out of 22 quail (1 was born with the umbilical cord attached to it & the egg & it pulled its guts out & died, & 2 eggs cracked but didn't come out & 2 never cracked).. Hatching occurred the 23-24th.. Well, the last quail that hatched also had the umbilical cord attached & dragging for several hours before I snipped it after it dried in the incubator.. That quail is still wobbly but it was never really sturdy on its feet anyway.. He was in with the rest the first night & I have him (I say him) in a separate brooder now & have him a little cloth to get under.. I sprinkled the feed so he could eat as well as tapped on the food tray & stuck his beak in the waterer.. He goes to them when he gets his balance & I've seen him eat & drink but not much.Im giving medicated feed my hubby got at the local feed store (they were out of wild game crumble).. that I ground up.. I was just given something to put in their water today (starts with S) . I dipped my finger in the water & stuck it to the side of his beak so I knew he'd gotten some.. I tried giving him tiny pieces of boiled egg & he doesn't acknowledge it.. He seems a little off.. Like if I hold my hand out he'll get in it & lay over to the side because he's too weak to stand & if I offer him something he kind of pecks out into the air.. I believe since he was steady on his feet the first night that the others may have pecked him.. His bottom is kind of bald on the right.. What do you think is wrong & what should I do?? My 4 children are upset about the poor little fella & they love their animals!! Any help is Greatly Appreciated!! PS I tried searching the forums & with so many I can't get through them all to find what I need.. (I'm not sure if I'm doing it right either)..
Thanks. What feed are you feeding them you have to feed them turkey starter. Chick starter doesn't have enough protein for quail or any game bird. Turkeys, quail and pheasant will have seizures but chukar will just seize up and die. Once the quail are just starting to get their feathers they are not so picky but don't keep them on it for long they will get sick because the protein lack. Once they get over 6 weeks you can feed them anything they can eat anything mine love to reach out and grab a wondering by grass hopper or bug even the babies will. My only babies are about 3 weeks. The baby quail are very tough though they are outside with no heat lamp I just left them with a mama one. If you want to try this idea just always put babies in with a female at the youngest age you can even put a male in with the babies the male takes care of the babies in the wild. If you have any more questions just pm me or just on this thread. Good luck with your babies.
Well, the wobbly one is still the same.. I did manage to get him to eat some of the boiled chicken egg last night.. However, I woke up to another dalima.. One of the pheasants bottom was bloody & laying on its side.. I put it in with wobbly.. It's standing now.. Then a little bit later in the group brooder a qual flopping & wasn't standing & his bottom looks picked too.. I have those 3 together & they aren't doing good. My son just came up from the basement & said one of the weak quail must have laid in the water & it has food caked on it & looks like it's dieing.. Ughhhh this is Soooooo much harder than I remember chickens ever being!! I added Sulmet to the water last night that a friend had given us said he used it.. Now, I'm just wondering if any of them is going to make it?? I put a piece of cardboard along the center of one brooder to divide it so that maybe, just maybe we have the bullies separated!! Geese these things are only a couple days old & such brats to one another!! I told hubby they are giving me gray hair!! My worrying all night keeps me up!! I contacted our local Tractor supply again regarding game bird feed that they said may come in today.. They said they had a starter that's for chicken, quail, pheasants etc.. But it too is only 20% protein (just like we have only we have the medicated).. The guy hubs got the eggs from has never had trouble with pecking or dying (so he says).. Ughhhhh I just want to Scream!!!
You will always have trouble with chicks no matter who it is I had 2 die out of the 11 I hatched and there is always the bullies they are the biggest ones and the ones that were hatched first. use a red heat bulb because that blocks their vision so the wont see if anyone is injured so the will not bother anything. Also try electrolytes and probiotics.
I'm not sure if the weakness is a disease or what.. My father in law said he raised quail 30 or 40 year ago & that he used a tablet in the water that kept them from pecking each other.. The electrolyte packs to add to their water is at a tractor supply about 50 min away but it's on my hubs way to work this evening so he's going to stop in & he'll bring it when he gets off in the morning.. I did put a tad of sugar in their water on day 2 trying to help the wobbler.. Ughh I'm at a loss.. That quail that was hurt this morning looks like his legs are purple colored & the pheasant that had a bloody bottoms legs look white like he lost too much blood.. Although there was only a small pee sized drop on the bottom.. Is there anything with electrolytes I'd have on hand I could give?? I know I have a cool aid version of sorts that you put in bottled water but it's flavored grape.. Lol

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