Quail swallowed screw, can i use a magnet to remove it


Aug 29, 2019
One of my quail swallowed a screw. The screw is blocking one of its nerves which means she cant stand up properly, and might cause permanent damage. She also hasnt excreted any blood so i think her insides are not that damaged. My father told me that using a magnet to put the screw closer to the cloaca might get the screw out faster. Is this a good idea?
I've added an x-ray of her
1 (2).jpg
in the post
I think that would be incredibly dangerous. You would risk further nerve damage or could cause the screw to puncture pathways important to both digestion and reproduction. I see you have an x-ray, does that mean you have already seen a vet? What was their recommendation?
The vet recommended to put her under anesthesia and try to remove the screw by using tweezers, which the vet tried but it was to no avail
Magnet definitely wouldn’t work, I’m sorry. Although the digestive system is essentially one long “tube,” there are too many twists and turns to navigate a screw out that way.

Do you have any other X-ray angles? Did the vet say where the is screw located (crop, proventriculus, gizzard, intestines)?
Did the vet make any incision? Or were they using tweezers through the mouth or cloaca?
The magnet is a VERY bad plan.
If surgery isn't an option, keep an eye on the bird for signs of distress. Either it'll pass the screw and be fine, or the screw will puncture its intestine, in which case you need to humanely euthanize it. You can't do anything to help the situation along except making sure the bird has plenty of food and water.

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