Question about Barred Cochins

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8 Years
Feb 25, 2011
I have two barred cochins at 4 weeks old, and I am thoroughly confused on barred cochin gender. In most breeds, even other types of cochins, it's really easy to tell if you have a roo or not. But the barred ones are mystifying me!

One Cochin is slow to feather, upright posture, ridiculously large red comb, etc... obviously roo.

The other barred cochin is maturing like a hen. Fluffy as anything, comb slowly coming in and pinking up, and stays low to the ground. That one turned out a roo too!

In your experience do barred cochin hens develop combs really really late, or do they start coming in and pinking up as early as 4 weeks?

If anybody has pictures of their barred cochin pullets at 4 to 5 weeks, I'd deeply appreciate it!
I had 2 pair of bantam barred cochins, and it was easy to tell by 4 weeks that I had 2 pair. The cockerels were lighter with more barring and the pullets were darker with less barring. Its the amount of barring that makes them look lighter or not. They all feathered out at the same rate, something I think is prevalent in some bantam breeds. By the time they were 6 weeks old the combs confirmed that I did indeed have 2 pair. As these were the only 4 I ever owned I have very little experience, but thought I would put in my 2cents worth. Alas, I have no pics, as I am not too fond of the bars and rehomed them.
Hrm, maybe my trouble is that I've never had a barred pullet, and have nothing to compare to the roos. I have another right now that is growing a comb, but it's not turning very red. This one is also developing like I would expect a hen to, but I am confused by it working on a big comb.

I've seen pictures of the hens when they are older, and they have big red combs too. I guess I'll just have to wait to hear it crow
Im not sure if this applies to cochins, but I think in barred birds the roosters are lighter, hens darker. Do a little research on barred rocks, the boys look grey and white- the hens black and white. I hope someone give you a more definative answer, I'm curious too. These are next on my wish list!

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