Question about chicken "recovered" from respiratory infection

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    Few weeks ago I had two hens in seperate coops start sneezing and sounding congested with rattling in the throat. Weather had been very wet for several weeks. We immediately seperated the hens from the rest of the birds and began treating them with Tylan 50 .5ccs each day for a week. After a week, one hen was clear and did not exhibit any signs of duress while there was not any change for the other hen. Several folks on here said ACV in the water would help, so we tried it. Within 3 days the hen that had not responded to the Tylan was clear!!!
    We use now use ACV for all the birds now. It may or may not help but it did seem to make a huge difference for that one hen.

    Question- I have kept both hens seperated from their respective flocks now, going on 3 weeks. How long should I wait or should I ever reintroduce them back to their flocks?
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    It depends entirely upon what disease they had. If it's something like MG, they will be carriers for life and can infect other birds.
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    Respiratory diseases are contageous to other birds. Birds that survive these diseases with or without antibiotics/medications remain carriers. Stress usually sets off symptoms again. An example of stress would be introducing those birds back to their respective flocks.
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