question about MM chicks


11 Years
Mar 21, 2008
i have been reading the post about the break out of AE. i got my chicks from the feed store and i belive they got them MM because they did last year. they all look fine and are very active. should i put them on a vitimin and mybe an antibiotic just incase?
I'm no expert, but I would think that the vitamins/electrolytes would only help them anyway.. I think they're good to give to chicks. As far as the antibiotics, I'm of the school that if an animal doesn't show the signs don't give extra drugs. It's a lot for their little systems. I'd say keep them fed, watered, all those good things with the vits/elec, and then if they show any signs, start them on some Terramycin.
Medications don't help with AE. Stick to vitamins, electrolytes and overall good care.

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