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Apr 7, 2010
Hi. I am not sure this is the correct place for this question, but here goes. I have a BSL hen, approximately 7-8 months old. She has less developed waddles than her sisters, but is a very healthy looking bird generally. Yesterday and today she has been a little "off". Seems to be losing some feathers, and making some pretty distinct nests on the ground. She hasn't been a chatty as her sisters, is walking around scratching with the others, but not as aggressively going after the good stuff. She is eating and drinking. Haven't found any weird poo, she is just not herself. Does moulting affect their behavior or this the precursor to a problem?

Thanks in advance.
Yes, molting can affect their behavior. They can get very irritable and not want to be touched even if they were lap chickens, among other things.

She might also be about to go broody.
I caught her last night and looked her over pretty well. She was NOT enjoying the attention. I didnt see anything that I could idnetify as mites or critters. I checked under her wings and tried to sepetate her feathers to look. I have never had an infestations of mites or lice, I guess I would have known if I had seen any?? Thanks for the input:)
They're more often found around the vent, and some types are on the bird only at night, and get off during the day, so you need to pull her off the roose at check. And treat everyone if you find anything, as they will all have some. Look for tiny eggs or almost invisible bugs moving along the shafts of the feathers or at their base.

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