Question about roost Material?


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
Lakeport, Ca.
Hey ya'll!

I'm attempting to draw up plans for the coop I want to build, but I am curious, Should the roost be a large wooden Dowell, or a flat plank?

I use a 2x4 that's been ripped into 2x2's... Works well for us but then again I live in the South where we "normally" don't get super cold weather but they all have done well this cold winter!!
I just wouldn't use a dowell though!!

To make it seem natural I used the taperred end of a recycled 7-ft. Christmas tree (noble fur). The trunk was about 6-inch diameter at the base and taperred down to about an inch or so towards the tip. Cut the portion where it is about 4-inch in diameter and ended it towards the tip where it is about 3-inch in diameter . I ended with a nice straight 5-ft roost for my flock.

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