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Folks I live in hurricane country and we have been lucky these past couple of years that I have had my geese (2 as of now). They shelter at night in a 10x10 chain link dog run which I have beefed up with more protection, but I got to thinking when we get the next storm, what am I going to do with them. I don't have a barn and the only out building that is strong enough(crossing fingers) is my work shop. This is not a place that is safe for them to be running around loose in, not to mention all the goose poop when the get scared/nervous. The solution I think would be to build some cages, a modular design, big enough for one goose and I can build a few more if the flock increases. So what would you say is big enough? ( HxLxW and/or SQR ft) Remember they might have to stay in there for a day or so till every thing settles down?

We use the extra large metal dog kennels. They usually have doors on the narrow ends and wide ends both. They stack well, have bowls that can hang from the sides for food/water. We bed down with hay/straw. These also work for sick/injured or new birds as well.
Great answer from someone who knows what these storms are like.
BUT I am now unemployed (have been for a year) so money is tight and I have a some plywood and oak scraps.. so..... I thought I would make them... I know wood is NOT what I would use for long term ... but I do have this and thought it would be better than nothing.. so I was looking around the net for ideas on size... NADA... couldn't find a thing, and well, I have learned so much from ya'll on other goose problems I thought maybe ya'll would know...

( a nightmare would be bringing them into the house with a wife, daughter, son-in-law, grandson,sister-in-law,8 dogs, 3 cats and a cockatiel for the storm!!!
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Youre not going to have to worry about a hurricane for a while and its only 1 day they would have to be inside anyway. By then lots could get better (job wise) and still may not have a hurricane anyway. Also put the 10x10 on the windless side of your house and shouldnt even be a factor anyhoo unless a cat 5. C'mon man lets be a little optimistic here. This could be your first year in fl but generally speaking only a 50 mile area is a concern also. Ive got over 100 birds here and have rode out several . I batton down the hatches and can only put about 20 of my most expensive waterfowl inside. Put a kennel behind the windless side of the house for a few more and pray
Thanks Destinduck,
How ever I am one for preplaning... i.e. I was sure this job loss was coming up so I paid off the mortgauge and sold the cars and paid cash for older used car and truck. BE PREPARED I learned that a long time ago and belive in it...BTW I am not in Florida I am in Alabama just outside of Mobile.. been here off and on for most of my 55 years, I have been through about 8 storms some little and a few large ones.. (Fredrick, Ivan and Katrina) I built home made working storm shutters for all of the windows and removable ones for the doors. I have a well and hand pump and a whole house generator and keep a 6 month stock of food. I do this not because I am afraid,but because taking care of my family is the number 1 thing in my life. I include the animals that share my life as family too. I would not leave my dogs out in the storm( they are crate trained and live in the house) and I would not feel right leaveing my two felonious fowls
outside either... so it takes a bit of time to build a few crates... it's better than sitting swilling beer and watching TV!
As for praying, I always thought The Lord wanted me standing tall on my own two feet and striving to make the world a better place, other wise he wouldn't have given me these shoulders to carry the load.
I just reread what I posted and I guess it could sound harsh.. I hope not, it was not meant to be...
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Naw Its not harsh at all. The trouble with the internet is you dont know if the person is 15 or 50 ish as you and me both
When I read the first sentence of your last post I knew you are good at preparing. My wife is never crazy about me sticking the birds in the house neither. I mainly have ducks and only four exotic geese. Another good option other than leaving in the back of the house is look for the plastic dog kennels at yard sales. People get rid of them all the time for cheap, That is how I got all of mine. Also no poop on the floor when they gotta be in the house
Btw I still hope we dont have to worry this year either.
Since you are wanting to use material you have on hand, why not build the safety coops inside your workshop, up against the wall with door made of wood and hardware cloth or chicken wire. for ventilation. you can improvise so much as how to buil someting the would work for water and food, as Destin says more than likely they wouldn't have to be in there more than a day or 2. My dh amazes me at how he can come up with ways to do things with what we have. I think it's great your wanting to be prepared, so many lose their livestock and feathered friends when diaster hits.

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