Questions about Silkie Ducks


Jan 20, 2021
Hi, all! This is my first post here at Backyard Chickens :)
I first joined these forums because I wanted as much information as I could find for a mixed flock we’ll be raising in our urban backyard.
But right now I wanted to talk about Silkie Ducks! It seems a little too much to hope to obtain some this year (I’m wanting all hatchlings so my species/breeds can all grow up together!)
But maybe in the future I’ll be able to get some!
So basically I just have a few questions about their personalities and health since there isn’t a ton of information online except what I’ve been able to find in forums...
Also the best place to buy healthy Silkie Duck hatchlings!
(I would certainly have to wait until next year to be able to do hatching eggs. I’ve only ever incubated infertile duck eggs which, obviously, didn’t work out too well:)
So without further ado, here are the questions:
—Are SDs (Silkie Ducks) as friendly as SCs (Silky Chickens)?
From what I’ve read they’re either friendly love-bunnies or terrorized little minnows. (please excuse terrible analogies)
—Would they be extra-friendly if I could raise some from hatching?
—What is mortality rate after hatching? Will they all survive if you totally ‘baby’ them?
—Can they swim as well/as long as most ducks?
—Are they super loud? Like call ducks? Or are they quieter than most ducks?
—Are they skittish or calm?
—Do they come ‘completely silkie’ or can you get some in a Silkie batch that are, like, half-silkie, half-feathered?
—Any unique SD experiences y’all could share?

Thanks for reading! :)

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