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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by critters, Apr 29, 2013.

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    I want to/plan to incubate the eggs from my peafowl but
    have a few questions first:

    Using a still air styrofoam incubator
    are the following things right?

    28 days incubation
    stop turning after 25
    temp 99.6* - 100*
    humidity 45%
    1/4 turn 5x a day

    Please advise so I can have a successful hatch!!!

    [​IMG] will check for your replies regularly.....thanks!
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    May i ask a question on your thread after you get your answer? Please [​IMG]
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    I hatch my eggs out of a Hovabator styrofoam incubator every year with great hatch rates. You can see my setup here:

    I have a fan in mine to circulate the heat which is an easy install and you can get one off Ebay pretty cheap Be sure it comes with a fan guard.
    28 days incubation yes
    stop turning after 25 day 26
    temp 99.6* - 100* yes
    humidity 45% I keep mine just above 50%
    1/4 turn 5x a day don't know use egg turner trays

    Be sure the eggs are laid on the sides NOT pointy side down like a chicken egg
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  4. critters

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    first, I need to get some replies....eager to know if I will be doing
    things right or wrong....

    thought you, among others, might even have answers for me....

    but of course you can ask a can ask now if you like....
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  5. This years incubation method:

    Incubation temperature = 100.5 degrees at a humidity of 40% except at hatching when the humidity is raised to 60%. We used to stop turning at day 25, however we are stopping at day 24 this year as we are hatching one day earlier at the higher temperature. The higher temperature is to attempt to reduce quiters. We have the turner set up to turn every hour this year instead of every two hours. This is also to improve hatch rates.

    We have also stepped out of bounds this year and are incubating every egg on its pointy end. We did this at the end of last year and saw no difference in hatch rate so we are doing all year this time to accomodate more eggs.

    To date, this year, we have hatched 19 of 23 (82.6%) apparent fertile eggs. Two of the four unhatched were only partially developed. One piped and died within an hour or so and one pipped and was hand hatched at 6 hours and later died.

    We have about 15 fertile eggs due to hatch this friday night and the count goes up every week after that.
  6. zazouse

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    I am going to place some pea eggs in my cabinet bater with auto turner, i found that my goose trays are great for holding the pea eggs in place on their side as i have read a few times that this is better.

    My question is which way do i set the trays ... like do i set them where the eggs are turned side to side or pointy then to the round end.
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  7. zazouse

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    Thank you, been hatching guinea and chickens for years in a bator but peas are new for me.
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    This will be my first year incubating any type of egg, so I'd love hear what others are doing.
  9. critters

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  10. Yes, You can hatch in a still air incubator. Your hatch rate is not going to be as good as in a circulated air incubator, but you can do it. We hatched in syrofoam incubators for a while until we got a cabinet incubator.

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