quick incubator question


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9 Years
Dec 16, 2010
I want some advice, I am wanting to start hatching a "few" bobwhite eggs....I am sure I will be a hatch freak after I start but I am just wanting to feel the hobby out a little with little expense....please recommend a "inexpensive" incubator that is pretty reliable.
we are new at this whole hatchin' habit as well. we just finished our first go round and hatched 5 pekins out of 16 eggs (learning curve) currently we have 24 in the bator, we're learning loads from these posts. anyway we are using a "brower top hatch w/turner and fan. very user friendly. i cut a peice of irrigation pipe i think it's 1/2 inch and installed it in one of the vent holes the factory plug fits in it when we are not adding water through it. this eliminates having to open the bator twice - three times a day. anyway good luck with your new found addiction. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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