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    May 12, 2012
    I received some fertile hatching eggs today and I was going to set most of them under my broody hen tomorrow, but there is no way her tiny body will be able to set them all so I was going to put the rest in a still air incubator that I got. Now here's my question....the instructions say 99.5, but I thought temp for a still air incubator was supposed to be higher? I know I went 99.5 with my circt air incubator before... So now, I don't know if my memory is failing and I am remembering wrong, or if I should be incubating at a higher temp and ignoring the directions. Suggestions from those more well-versed on incubating with still-air would be appreciated!
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    With a still air incubator you want the temperature to read 101 from the top of the eggs. The reason for this is hot air rises and the core temperature of the eggs needs to be 99.5. Here's a great article on incubation and hatching that you can look at for more info:


    Good luck with your hatch!

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