Quiet Roosters?

If your not zoned for roosters I would suggest not getting one. Almost all Roosters are going to crow regardless of breed. There is caponizing but this is risky and many have lost their beloved roos to this practice. Some people have tried hormone injections but that's also very risky. Unless you already have a home prepared in case it doesn't work I would advise against it.
I just brought home a Blue Laced Wyandotte Bantam and his crow is pretty quiet. He is an all around gentle guy though so his volume probably has more to do with his personality than his breed. Before I got him my flock was roosterless and they did just fine. A rooster is not necessary to have, if you had only hens they'd be plenty quiet.
It's not coded against it, it's my neighbors that are the problem. Are there any with a really soft crow?
That's a trial and error sort of thing.. You might have better luck looking towards bantam breeds and perhaps someone who's trying to rehome theirs. With an older one, the person selling might be able to give a rough idea of the bird's crowing ability and habits towards it.
If there's no ordinance prohibiting it (make sure you check the noise ordinance!), then you can have roosters if you want to. However, keeping the peace with the neighbors, if possible, is a good idea. Have you talked to them about it and know that a roo would bother them?

Bantam or not, roos crows. The bigger the roo, the deeper and louder the crow, but even bantie crows carry pretty well (and can be quite piercing).
Well I am going to try the same thing. New house, chickens allowed, neighbors close. I hope to be able to keep the roo. I think they have to be 75 ft. from neighbors house. I used to have a banty that we took in at bedtime and put in the laundry house in a cardboard box. We got him out in the morning and it went well. It muffled the noise at night when the neighbors were asleep. My hope now is an insulated chicken house, an automatic door that I can set for after 8 am. He is a very large Buff Orphington show rooster, very mild mannered but we will have to see. I really want to be able to raise my own chickens. I have spent two years getting really good chickens, Healthy, nice and gentle, I can just reach down and pick them up. no flying, just great beautiful healthy chickens.

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