Quietest hens?


12 Years
Mar 23, 2010
What are the quietest breeds of chickens that you've found?

I have a Production Red hen that is exceptionally quiet and hardly ever vocalizes above a contented murmuring. She's also very docile and loves to be picked up and carried. I also have a Plymouth Rock hen who startles easily and scolds loudly every time.

I'd like to get a couple more hens so that we'll have enough eggs for my family and I'd like to choose a breed that's on the quieter side so as not to disturb my neighbors as I'm in a suburban area and our houses aren't terribly far apart. Any suggestions?
For sure - - DON'T get MARANS. Mine are sooooo loud it is not funny and that is why I like them. They talk up a storm to us

My Easter Eggers are quiet.
I have over 20 different breeds of chickens and the calmest and quietest are the Brahmas. They are so easy going. Hope you will try them out. They are so sweet and pretty.
Out of our little flock, the Black Australorp is quietest, and the EE's are quiet, too. One of our Barred Rocks is very quiet, but the other very quietly "sings" a high-pitched little song.
My Barred Rock is quiet until I take her egg.

MY Buttercups are the quietest. My neighbor didn't know I had them for almost 6 months and her place is just feet from my back yard. But the more you have the less likely they will let you near them, independant little things and their eggs are small the first year.

The Naked Necks are quiet, no squalking but they chatter a lot to each other. I love quessing what they are talking about to each other. Oh, these bugs are great Velvet you should try over here. No, Peaches check out this spot, that grub was yummy. The Naked Necks are the friendliest of all my chickens, but some people really don't like their looks. I like the Naked Neck(Transylvanian) and the bow tie neck ones(French), and they are so cute as chicks, well the first two weeks anyway.
I have a 9 week old EE and a 9 week old Barred Rock. Both are pretty quiet, but there IS an exception.

If I happen to put them in the run before they want to go in from the yard, they will throw temper tantrums and run around cheeeeeeeping. Once I am out of sight they quiet down though. Occasionally I hear a SQWACK like somebody got stepped on in the coop, but other then that they are SILENT. (they have plenty of room but choose to lie ON TOP of each other lol.
My EE is fairly quiet. Never heard a peep out of my welsummers until they started laying. Man can they belt out the egg song, and they get the rooster to join in!

My pure Ameraucana's are pretty quiet, but they haven't started laying yet!

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