Quikrete all purpose gravel or 21aa rock

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    Has anyone ever used Quikrete All Purpose Gravel in their runs? Our coop is close to our pond, so the ground is wet and gets muddy quickly. I was considering using it to help with drainage in all of my runs (for ducks, chickens, and turkey). Another option would be getting bulk 21aa rocks. Has anyone ever used this?
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    Why not clean sand? Whether you go with pea stone or sand think of a gravel/sand pit for cheaper bulk than bag products. It will surprise you how much volume you'll need. One of those bags of sand or gravel are 0.5 cubic feet, it takes 54 of them to make a cubic yard. You can pick up a cubic yard at a gravel/sand pit for $15 if you have a truck.

    10x10 run with sand or gravel 3 inches deep= 25 cubic feet, just shy of a cubic yard.

    Mistakenly said gravel above, meant stone. What matters if you get sand is if it is clean as in no fines. A good clean sand will drain quite well and makes for better chicken scratching. It's the fines/silt that hold moisture.
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    Sand was another option. I'm going to look into getting a bulk load of gravel or rock delivered since we're adding a section of parking space onto our driveway. I'll probably have my boyfriend order enough for my runs, too.

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