quitter at lock down, thick yoke - huge air cell


Feb 9, 2011
Farmington, New Mexico
Out of the two dozen I received 2 made it to lock down. On the 19th day I could smell one of the eggs from outside the room the bator is in
So I had to open the bator to find out which egg smelled. I took each one out of the top window to smell, took the bad egg out (which was too dark to candle very well in the first place) At day 22 I candled the one egg left and there was no movement and the egg had not developed any more from day 18. I gave it another day, just for the hope!! Nothing. When I opened the egg the chick had quit developing about the time it should have started absorbing the yoke and it's intestines. But I noticed the yoke was very thick on one side of the egg, so thick it look like and "over-easy" yoke??
Could my flash light be that hot on the egg that is cooked it while I was candling? I know the light gets pretty warm, but is this possible?

Another thing..... should the air cell be fully formed by week two? My air cells get big very quickly, I live in a low humidity area and I tried using a digital humidity/temp reader. My humidity seems to stay around 32% if I try the dry hatch method. Could the air cells be form too big too quickly and killing the embryos? The air cells fill the top of the egg and loop, making a U shape down one side of the egg. Is this too big?

I have found some local eggs I am going to try hatching and see if I can't get a better hatch rate than with shipped eggs. So far my hatch rate is a big fat 0% Glad I bought some feed store chicks
otherwise I'd still have no chicks at all!!
I don't know about the dry hatch method, but if your air cells are getting large too quickly, the moisture is coming out of the egg. The air cells are in the egg from the time they are laid. I would try humidity at 50%.
the chick was developing so I know it was fertile, all the eggs that don't show growth by day ten I pull out. This egg showed movement and was coming along great. My temps stayed in the correct range for an LG with a fan.....
Can a flash light over heat an egg?
I'm having the same thing happen to my eggs. I've left them in there for well over 21 days and when I crack them open they're dead and haven't absorbed the yolk. I've got the temp at 100-101 and humidity at 60%. Please help, I'm tired of losing chicks!
had the same thing...a bunch of my eggs I eggtopsied today had yolks have absorbed but it looked kinda whitish and leathery. I think it must be they died a few days ago and its just old. Thats my guess.

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