R.I.P Killer, you will be missed

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    I wish I had a better pic, he was molting in this one.He never really stayed still for long. He was really a pretty bird and his tail had begun to get long. He was a bantam Ungadory(sp) that had gone through a few homes because of his very high aggression towards people. When I first got him he tried to jump up at my husbands face and attacked my legs resentfully. I would snatch him up and carry him around until he stopped. He had always been in a cage so I let him run the pasture. He became a reformed roo and became quite sweet. He would perch on hubbies shoulder and beg for treats or follow us around the yard and was curious about all the coming and goings. Yesterday he was in the barn, as always and I fed him cookies from my hand. He greedily devoured them and looked up as if to smile. Hubby found him this morning in the hay manger, dead. I don't know why he died, he was fine the day before, no signs of illness, no signs of trauma. We will miss his funny run- like a clumsy white ghost floating across the pasture, how he would scale the hay bales to the feed room to beg for food and always appeared everywhere we were.I wish I had chicks from him and his girl, but I thought I had time. I know he had a good life here, running free in the yard, but We'll miss him. [​IMG]
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    Sorry for your loss. He was lucky to get a second chance to prove he was really lovable under that tough guy exterior [​IMG] Cant you hatch some eggs? He must have had a girlfriend you could hatch his eggs from?
  3. Attack Chicken

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    So sorry to hear thats he died [​IMG] He was a beautifull little roo. You gave him a good home for the rest of his life even though nobody wanted him. *hugs* so sorry for you [​IMG]
  4. Ya know, you didn't run out of time. I hear hens will carry a rooster's gene's in their future eggs for up to a month, so if you have any eggs, you could give it a go.

    I'm sorry about your guy. We just lost our little clumbsy white ghost, too. [​IMG] I know how ya feel. At least you didn't kill him like I did...[​IMG]
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    Sorry about your roo. I lost my favorite one a month ago. Since I didnt have an incubator, I sent the eggs off to someone from the forum. I figured that someone having the babies would be better than no offspring for him.
    Then we went and bought a bator, and 4 eggs are set to hatch on Sunday. There are 7 eggs in Texas that'll hatch next week, then I have 4 more in the bator. I had collected all the eggs for a week after the rooster died, and they were all still fertile. So, you stil have a chance to hatch some of his babies. ( It's hectic when not expected, but it's been so cool watching the eggs develope)
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    Sorry to hear of the loss of such a handsome guy. Even tho you say he was moulting, he did it with class! Its good to hear of bad roos gone good, it shows how much you care (and how food oriented that guy was- ha ha) If you have another bird die, send it for necropsy, lets hope your white ghost had a heart condition.
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    Thanks , I couldn't even go out this morning to feed up, sent hubby out to do it. I know he is sad that his little buddy won't be there to greet him also. Killer was out with other Phoenix's that I have, and I do have one hen sitting on some eggs in the barn where Killer liked to hang out, so perhaps he could be a daddy....we'll see. He was always a scared y cat when it came to other roo's. My friend had given me some of her eggs from a pair of her birds a week ago, I had put some in the bator, so perhaps I will have some one way or another. It sucks that it is always your favorite chickens that get it.... I have a lot of chickens, and some that I would give away in a heart beat - live on round here just fine. [​IMG] Oh well, life of a chicken lover I guess..........
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  8. Buff Hooligans

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    So sorry. He was a handsome boy - he does look like a character. So sorry.
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    so sorries zooz ,,, everyone knows how i feel bout roo's,,, and tell ya dh they'll be anotha [​IMG]
  10. silentrunning

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    It stinks when you loose a pet that has a real personality. I'm sorry for your loss.


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