R.I.P Perri, always remembered, never forgotten.


May 18, 2020
My hen passed away about 6 months ago and it broke my heart! She was the sweetest animal I’ve ever met and it was so devastating when she got sick and slowly started dying (my dad had to put her down in the end which was really hard)


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May 14, 2020
South Carolina
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Hi everyone. Yesterday me, my little sister and my dad went out the back in the bush to find the fox. We took Maya, her breed is a Hungarian Vizsla. Vizsla's are hunting and tracking dogs. We went down to where I last saw the fox run away. There was a few feathers. We walked along, Maya was sniffing the ground, so grateful for her. "Another feather"... "Here's one" "Hey, this is Perri's too"...we found, like, a trail of them. A few times the trail went cold but Maya guided us through, and we found feathers again. The first time Maya went crazy was when we found a big pile of Perri's feathers, and a bit of wing. This was obviously where the fox had...teared her up just a bit. It was like the fox dragged her another half a meter then one more. We kept on. Our neighbour walked down the boundary fence a bit (obviously thinking what on earth are these people doing) and we said g'day. Talked to him about what happened. Then we nearly decided we were going to walk back when "(insert my dads name)! There is a hole here" Said my neighbour. We ran up (Maya went spaz) and there it was. A den entrance...one of them..about another meter up was the main entrance. "Thanks mate" We thanked our neighbour. Then den was found! We looked down, there was a big tunnel. Maya couldn't fit ;-;. We have decided that we will get a fox hunter out and take it away the most humane way possible. That's the story. We were so happy for Maya, she was so good and followed the trail and didn't get distracted since she was off lead. Thanks Maya! We jumped in the pool (including Maya ;)) after. Justice for Perri will be served! :D
That is a really great dog!
And now you have some of Perry’s feathers to keep in her memory. :love


Jul 6, 2020
Port St. Lucie Florida
It was around 6:15 am in the morning that I heard the commotion. I heard panicked squawks from the chickens outside my window. I thought the flock of 9 was just being annoyed by plovers...but when I looked out my window...a fox was chasing them around. I gasped and ran to the laundry door in my pyjamas and saw...the fox running off... Perri in mouth. I screamed Perri's name. The fox looked at me then kept running. No way...my favourite chicken...this can't be real. I ran to wake my dad up. I choked in tears as I told him what happened. Now we have a flock of 8. They are locked up in the run now...safe. I can't believe it. I am staying home today...grieving about what happened. I have collected some feathers of hers...drained one of her last eggs. I am absolutely devastated. I live in Aus, and I have no gun on me. I would like to get someone out to 'take care' of the fox but that is not right. Its spring and its breeding season for animals. The fox probably has a family. I am really sad at the moment. I wish this never happened. Perri was an araucana so she couldn't see properly...the poor thing. She was my favourite...we raised her from a chick. My sister let them out this morning and thinks it's her fault - which it isn't. I will remember my girl forever...she was so sweet..a little bit silly too...rest in peace Perri, till I see you again... your owner Laura:hit😘❤ View attachment 2374660 View attachment 2374661
I'm SUPER sorry for your loss it can be hard :hugs , I had the same thing happen to me but it was a raccoon who killed my chick, I wish you luck and I hope the rest of your flock can stay safe

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