Rabbit Kicking???

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    Nov 24, 2008
    I have a holland lop 8 month old,buck 2lbs big back feet...Had him since 6 weeks he has been held and handled since birth..He is held and picked up daily..But he kicks like crazy...Is the any way to get to to stop...Some type of method? If I hold him upside down kinda up against me he is ok..When you go to put him up or pick him up he kicks for all hes worth??? Anyone? Thanks

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    I think some just do that. They are trying to get loose from your grasp so they kick. If you hold them my the scruff of the hair on their back closest to thier head usually they can't scratch you or at least not as much and it doesn't hurt them. Hope that helps.
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    Grabbing by the scruff, supporting all four feet, and holding them like a football usually helps.
    He sure is cute!
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    Mar 9, 2009
    One way I use is to pet the rabbit first then put one hand firmly on his upper back while using the other hand to slide under his back legs. I then take the hand on the upper back and slide that around to go under the chest with my fingers just over the front feet. I scoop the back legs up and under the rabbit a bit as I lift the front legs and get the rabbit as close to my chest as possible. Some people will scoop the back legs with an open hand but I tend to lock my fingers around the feet a bit to prevent any large rabbits getting a start on the kicking.
    When returning the rabbit to the ground level I try to put him down bottom first with the same scoop hold while he is somewhat facing me, it prevents the rabbit from trying to reach the ground (escape) sooner via kicking. When bad things (nail trims, medications, washing feet etc) I do them in one room (bathroom) so other areas are "safe zones" to be picked up and cuddled.

    I hope you find the best way for you and your rabbit, it sounds like he enjoys being held once he gets there. If the pickup method change does not help it may be a situation where you start over in training. Beginning with floor to your lap moves and working to longer and higher moves and holds over time. Towels help too when you need to pick up a kicker previous to retraining, think of it like a rabbit toga that gives him some security and you some protection.

    There are several how to pictures and a couple videos on picking up rabbits but this one seems to have step by step pictures.

    He sure is a handsome boy, I hope something works for you.

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