Raccoons in the middle of Detroit


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Sep 20, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
I live in Detroit on the Eastside. Last night my brother came in the house and asked if opossums look like Koala bears. I said I guess you could say that. Well, we went outside and there they were 1/4 of the way up the tree. Three raccoons looked like a mom and two kids. I was shocked. I have never seen them in the middle of the city. They usually hang out further out in the burbs or on Belle Isle. But in the middle of the city dang. Now when I get my chickens I will have to worry about these little boogers. LOL
Coons have adapted very well to living in the city...they scrounge around trash bins...Places like NYC and Boston have them...besure to build your coop really tight so those buggers cannot get in...be sure they cannot reach in through the fencing...
It seems like there arent many places anymore than raccoons are NOT.
Hello fellow Detroiter I'm over in Corktown.

I've been Possums and pheasants but no coons...yet. There is also a huge bird of pray they lives in a ware house near my house. which is why my run is covered.
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