Apr 16, 2017
My barred rock girls are 9 weeks old now. We started letting them out of their coop to free range 3 days ago. On the first day, my daughter put them all away before dusk. On the second day, they put themselves away before dusk (yay!!). I was watching them this afternoon and it started downpouring. They were hanging out under our deck, one bird would go out in what looked like an attempted beeline for the coop, but the rain would freak her out and she would dart back under the deck. Finally one or two started running for the coop, but instead of hopping the stairs up and going in....they all huddled in the grass under our tall pines. I watched a bit more but they were just preening their feathers and huddled together.....so I got my rain boots on and carried them one by one to the coop, heat lamp on (though it is nice and warm here, they were wet).
Any ideas as to why they didn't run into the coop?
Ok, maybe I over reacted by putting them away....lol. I felt bad for them standing there getting wet, I wasn't sure if they were scared or confused or what.
Mine used to hide in the coop when it rained, but since rain is such a regular thing here, they gradually got used to it and now stay out in the run unless it's pouring, windy, or thunder/lightning. Once your birds get older they'll decide for themselves what they prefer, but no harm done hustling them inside while they're young and confused. ;)

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