Raising Ducks & Chickens together... post your experiences here!


Jun 27, 2019
I have 2 Muscovy ducks (1 male and 1 female) and 3 hens (silkie, buff Orpington & black Australorp).
We are planning on keeping them together sectioned off in our yard as they all grew up together so we are hoping it worked out. I would love to hear your experiences/advice on raising ducks & chickens together
My chicken+duck adventure has been a little gross :D ducks get into the water and make it so nasty that chickens rarely have clean water for more than a few minutes every day. I tried all kinds of things, elevated water, auto filling water etc but the duck gets into all of it. She has a kiddie pool of water to swim in, but still goes in everything else. I also tried building shelters for the ducks. Lol. They never used it. They LOVE the rain
We just rehomed our breeding age Muscovy drake (who was raised with our pullets) after we caught him trying to mate with one of our pullets, which he followed up with lunging at two others while he was closed up in the duck run. He had four girls of his own, but they weren't enough.

Muscovy drakes have a different anatomy than roosters, and can cause grevious or mortal injuries if they mate with a chicken.

I was a little sad to see him go, but ALL of the flock (chickens and ducks) were significantly more peaceful tonight after he left.

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