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Mrs. Glassman

10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Cedartown, Georgia
I am about to kill my brother's STUPID DOG.

About 2 months ago, he called me up needing help.....
He had gottn into a fist fight with his Landlord's grandson. He was also about 3 months past due on his rent. Needless to say, he was being thrown out.

We show up with the truck & trailer. He had until nightfall to be out, or be shot.

I tell him on the phone to be packing what was most important, leave the rest. I even tell him that he'll have to call animal control to pick up his dogs & cats.

We get there, and begins loading the truck & trailer down, once it gets full, I say time to go...It's getting dark.

He begs to keep one dog, so I say "OK...But you HAVE to keep it put up." (he's already put me in quite the position just asking to live at my house...now he wants to bring a dog.)

I even BUY a chain for the dog.

BUT WHAT DOES HE DO?? He keeps letting it off the chain because, he "just doesn't like to chain animals".

I DON'T GIVE A FLIP. This is MY HOUSE. I work hard for all my things, and I'd like to keep them. He spent all his money on drugs. I'm real sorry if he thinks his mutt would be happier running loose tearing up my things & NOW terrorizing MY ANIMALS.

I can't deal with this crap. He makes as much drawing unemployment as my DH & I do WORKING.

He doesn't pay any money, (even though he agreed to) he doesn't CLEAN or do any house/yard/animal work. All he does is lay up & eat. And now his dog is trying to kill my chickens & rabbits. I know my cages are strong enough, but there is no need in it rushing the cages making them fly into a frightened frenzy.

I hate to kill my own brother's dog. But I will.
Mrs. Glassman :

I hate to kill my own brother's dog. But I will.

Have you told your brother to chain it or you WILL kill it? Maybe he doesn't realize the threat...my brother is very idiotic about things too.

I am sorry you are going through this. It was kind of you to help your brother out, but remember you have your own animals to protect and worry about without having to worry about HIS dog.
Hun, its time to tell your brother to move on. He obviously is taking advantage of you and that's not right. I know that you probably feel badly because he's your brother but he's an adult and not your responsibility.

I had to do this with my oldest son who will be 30 at the end of the year. He was lounging around the house, not helping out, letting his dog run wild, and would come and go at all hours of the day and night and not respect our rules.

He was soon tossed out on his tukkis.

Its time for your brother to grow up and act like a man.

kill the dog, kick out the brother, or reverse the order if appropriate

ok, seriously, Who rules the roost over there? Assert yourself, and if he keeps disrespecting the rules, he's out... no if ands or butts.

Every other week, insist on rent. If he doesn't cough it up, he's out. He does drugs in the house....... he's out. Easy as pie. I know it's hard to do with family, but in the end you won't regret it. Trust me, I've been in a similar situation with my best friend who was like a sib, and we don't speak because I never nipped it in the bud early enough and things got ugly.
Give him until nightfall to get rid of the dog.

Make it clear that the dog HAS to go.

If the dog is not gone by nightfall, throw him, the dog and all of his belongings out of the door.

I cannot believe that he is living at YOUR house, doing no chores or anything, thinks that the dog can stress all of your animals like that and does not have enough sense to realize he is WRONG....

OH! That's right ! Drugs ! Hey, if he has drugs in your house, it would be REAL easy to get him out.....


He probably will forget to take the dog, he will be in such a hurry....

That means the dog belongs to you ! Go for it !!!!

Seriously, I know this is not funny, my first husband is probably related to your brother some how.
Wow ! all these answers in 6 minutes.

Print them out and hand them to your brother, tell him to read the replies. Tell him that is how you feel.

If he has not made some improvements in 15 minutes......

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You can pick your nose but you can't pick your relatives. A real pity, too.

Sounds like he is related to my sister.
Tell him, with your hubby there, that he must chain his dog or you will shoot it, period.
Tell him he must pay rent weekly and he must help pay for groceries, or he is out.
Tell him that you are both grownups now and he needs to start acting like one, or he is out.
Tell him he also needs to stop acting like a selfish little swine, or he is out.
Tell him to start respecting the rules of the house of the only person in the world that would help him or he will be out of the same house so fast it will make his head swim.
Tell him to get some drug rehab or he can do rehab in prison.

Put you foot down and stand up for yourself, your family and your animals.

No offence meant but your brother sounds like a stupid parasite.

He probably will forget to take the dog, he will be in such a hurry....



I didn't mean it to be funny ! But, when I reread it, it was....

I know how OP feels, I finally had to pack my stuff and the baby and the dog and move out to get rid of my first husband. It was a alcohol/drug/refuse to work situation and I was not going to raise my daughter like that. . . .

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