Rare cockerels available in Massachusetts - sultans, appenzeller spitzhaubens, and golden polish


6 Years
Sep 2, 2013
We are in Massachusetts and have a number of rare breed cockerels/roos that are in need of re-homing. All have been incubated, hatched and hand-raised and fed by my 15 year old son, husband and me. We have ended up too many roos and they are making our hens crazy!!

We love them all, but we need to re-home some of them since we have too many to keep. Given that they are so rare, we would prefer to place them in homes where they can have a flock of their own or can be bred to keep these wonderful breeds thriving.

We have the following available:

White Sultans - 5 cockerels hatched in Oct 2013 - placid, calm and sweet

, golden laced polish 12 months old, and appenzeller spitzhauben hatched in late November. We are happy to share shipping costs or meet up part way depending on where exactly you are located. Please send me a PM to let me know if you are interested in any of them. Can also provide additional photos if you would like.
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