Rasing coturnix on a large scale


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OK i have been haching and selling coturnix and bobwhites for a while now and now i have a market for 200-250 mature coturnix every week . Hatching eggs are no problem as my birds can cover that easy . I am looking for some ideas on grow out pens or possibly pictures of others setups

I just recently built new breeder cages based on the gqf pens and they work great i just need to select some more good breeding stock to finish filling them
At what age do you plan on selling them? If they are young (>4 weeks) when you sell them, you can really cram them into a cage, and they won't fight. I just have 2x2 rabbit cages for mine, which holds 5 or 6 adults. The young ones can fit probably 10-12 in that size cage without much problems.
I am getting some cages that are bigger (2'x6') that are for groups, and these are basically going to be on sawhorses, with a roof over top. In a cage that size, with young quail, you could easily put 50 or better in it. If you keep them longer (like 6-8 weeks old) then you'll for sure need to have more room for them. Once they get to breeding age they start picking more.
Wow, I hadn't done the math. Maybe get some flight netting and make a large flight cage, though that wouldn't really help much for babies.
Same here!

I'm also envious of that market you have for your birds. How on earth did you run across something like that?!?

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