Raw feeding dog (Yes! No?)


Mar 13, 2021
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Yes indeed. I think I will try to feed her the "better" meat. Mainly because she is so small and only eats 3/4 of a cup per meal! Two meals a day!

So yes, she will be quite cheap to feed. I want to buy larger packs so that they can last a while. But yeah, I understand how it can be quite costly for larger breed dogs. Thats also a reason why I am not as stressed about preparing her meals. I just do not want her sick! (or me!)
Oh yeah! If we had small dogs that would eat raw, I'd definitely be buying the higher quality things. But I don't mind feeding meat and organs when I know where they come from most of the time, which is good if you hunt or raise rabbits and that sort of thing. But yes, I'd love to be able to spend $100 or more a month on feeding our 2 big dogs raw, but I don't think I'd get my husband on board with that one! ;):lol: Lol

Either way, it's good to hear someone else is looking into raw feeding, it's a great choice for your dog and hopefully you'll have a good experience with changing over. :)


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Jan 16, 2021
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Where does one get this oil? My Gracie could use some if it is good for joints, she is showing a little stiffness in her right hip.

This link has products listed. Your pet store may have some but it's an unusual product.

I plan on buying it in bulk, it will not just be for the dogs only. Lots of people use the emu il for their arthritis and joint/muscle aches.


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Aug 7, 2015
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I adopted Luc in May, I immediately transitioned him to a high quality kibble (was getting Puppy Chow). I waited about a month before starting to give him raw because I needed a better idea of his ideal adult weight. I get him frozen prepackaged meals delivered to my house. I went this route because it's very important for a puppy to get their nutritional needs daily because their bodies don't "hold" nutrients and I wasn't comfortable calculating the meals myself. I may eventually start making the meals myself when I know more but the ease of prepackaged is nice.

When I first got Luc he had some stomach issues and was scratching a lot. That has stopped. Though that might have been more to do with no more Puppy Chow. At first he loved the better kibble I got him and would gobble it down. After a month he seemed bored with it and sometimes didn't finish his meals. He took to raw very quickly and even now loves his food. I get the puppy boxes from Raw Dog Food and Co. It has 5 different protein sources so every other day he gets a different meat. He also gets raw meaty bones, like chicken wings, feet, ribs etc, and raw eggs. He loves quail eggs. I tried giving him a whole quail once but he mostly played with it until I broke it down. Then he just ate the meat/bones and left the organs so it has to be ground up for him to eat them.

It's important not to feed a dog the same kind of meat every day. Protein sources, even if you feed kibble, should be switched up. Feeding them the same protein source all the time makes them more likely to develop a food allergy.

At first Luc shed a good deal but that slowed down after fully on raw. Eventually he hardly shed any fur. Of course now he's shedding for his winter coat so it's all over the place. :lol: Fur is soft and shiny. He's only 7 months now but his teeth are clean.

My previous dog started thinning his hair at around age 10 and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (also had many other health issues). His hair got thinner and thinner and was pretty much bald by age 14. Very long story short he got sicker and I got his blood work looked at by a specialist and she diagnosed him with Cushing's. I'd recommend having your vet do a blood test and ask them to specifically look for these diseases.


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Aug 2, 2020
This just made my night 🤗 Happy for you and your perp!
The eager hungry little face in the background 😂😍

I'm so happy she's eating! I hope her overall health will improve. It probably will.
Thank you! Now that its dark and I am alone with my thoughts...I believe I may have transitioned her TOO fast... :he

I will try to give her more kibble and less raw tomorrow morning. The switching feed may cause her to barf though... :(

I will update yall on her transitions. I need to book an appointment for her (I have been trying to, but we have been changing vets and its pretty busy this time of year!). But yes, updates are coming!

Thank you all for helping!

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