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    Mar 22, 2008
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    I had 18 eggs, and only 6 pipped, 3 died after zipping. I now have one of the hatched still in the bator. She is still attached to the bottom of the shell, and just laying there. She does move and kick her feet when touched. But she has been in the bator hatched since abut 7PM last night. What should I do? There is a lot of water in the bator and she is the last one in there. I'm afraid there is too much humidity in there for her to stay in there so long without breaking the "string" attached to the shell. Especially since she is just laying there and not trying to kick the shell off. She is just laying on her side. My brooder is about 95 degrees. I have chicks in it. Should I put her in a small box inside the brooder so the other chicks don't get her? Or should I just leave her in the brooder?
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    If it were me, and I'm not saying I'm right, I would take the little chick out and carefully pull/break the shell off of her bum. Cant pull it off too hard in case something is still attached. Then she would need to stay in for a little bit more.
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    I know there is a link to how to peel away the shell very carefully and slowly...I think I have it on bookmark on my computer but I'm not on my computer now [​IMG] I hope some others can help you out! I would start to pick away at the shell slowly and carefully to help the baby out. It may not make it otherwise.
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    I had one like that last night too. I left in the incubator overnight to let things dry up a bit and than I carefully peeled the last bit of shell off it's bum. I have 2 chicks that re very weak and just lying there, but when you touch them they wriggle and chirp, but than go back to sleep. They won't get up and walk yet. Hope somebody comes along and has more advice for you! [​IMG]
  5. It sounds like the membrane is dry and she is stuck to the shell. What color is the membrane? If it is paper white, then I would take a q-tip with some warm water and wet the membrane so it turns see through, then she should be able to kick the shell off.
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    My little silkie passed away this afternoon. The shell was removed from her butt, but it was still hanging by a membrane last night. I didn't want to break that membrane I was afraid she would bleed to death. So out of 18 eggs, I only got two little silkies, and one of them, I think, has curled toes. I need to figure out the Cardboard trick, does anyone know? I don't know if she is eating or drinking, but I put some feed in front of her a few times a day and dip her beak in the water. There are other chicks in there, so I'm not sure if she is eating or the others are eating.
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