Re-Homing for 4 Rhode Island Red Hens in Barnard, VT

Monsalvat Farm

Jul 22, 2021
We have four lovely 3 yo Rhode Island Red hens in need of rehoming in Barnard, VT. Two are good layers and the other two are very broody and perfect for someone looking to increase their existing flock or just looking for a small backyard flock. They have been well cared for and fed an all-organic diet with a lot of fresh grass to forage on all year round.

4 Rhode Island Reds for Re-Homing (in order of photos):
- Curly: a very good layer and super sweet hen. She has curled toes on her left foot but gets around very well and does not need any special attention.
- Little Cock: very broody and lays the occasional XL egg. Got her name when as a pullet, we thought she might be a cockerel. Trust me she's a hen!
- Poppy: a good layer and broody. The sweetest hen of our flock with an adorable floppy comb. Likes to get treats and is cuddly!
- Squawkers: extra broody and the queen of the flock. She is very protective of the other hens and keeps guard and "Squawks" to alert the other hens of intruders!

We love all of these fantastic girls but sadly the Chick-Inn is overcrowded with new chicks. We are hoping to Re-home Curly, Little Cock, Poppy and Squawkers by mid-August. Message us if you are interested in giving these ladies a good home. Local pick up only.

Little Cock.jpg

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