Readily available assemblies make for a greatc oop and run

Wood Dude

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Jul 9, 2015
We recently bought a fairly large coop from Rural King. It is well made, very attractive, and our girls love it.It was a $900 investment that should last us forever.

We combined that with a used 10ft by 10 ft dog pen that we bought from a Craigslist ad. It was $100.

Our total investment is $1000, not counting feeding and watering devices, and chickens.

We have 7 chickens in our flock and they live well in their coop and pen.
Any pictures?
I don't have pictures of the set up on this PC. I do have them on my phone, so I will try to remember to transfer them. So far, it's a great set up. I have a DIY version of the coop in Sketch up, but I'm not allowed to put it on the site yet. Maybe soon.
I have a hard time believe any coop from Rural King as being 'well made'......
......most premade coops are pretty flimsy in the long term.

Can you post a link?

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