REALLY bad Frostbite or something else?

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    ~~Please Help!!!! ~~We live in TN and had crazy cold weather... It got to 1 degrees here the last two nights. I have 10 hens, 1 duck and this guy- and he is the only one that has anything like this. Is this frostbite? Is there anything I can do? He's not really a nice guy and doesn't like to be touched, (last time I got bit) but I can try to rub vetrx on it if that would help? He keeps shaking his
    head back and forth :([​IMG]




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    That looks like frost bite. If you have any bagbalm, that would help soothe the skin. Even vaseline will help soothe and protect the comb and wattles from further frost damage. Make sure your coop has really good ventilation and that he is not sleeping near the ceiling where all the moisture from pooping and breathing is going. Being up so high maybe contributing to his frost bite issues. Good luck with your roo!
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    I've had great success with the Homeopathic Remedy Agaricus Muscarius 30c. Found at a health food store or online. If you get it asap you should be able to cure it quite well. Poor thing- frostbite is painful. I started a thread explaining in detail- Frostbite Cure AGAR.

    Can't wait for spring!

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