Really need help please. Egg emergency!!


May 7, 2017


Hey guys i really need help. I can see the duck in the egg but there are barely any veins. The air sack is relatively small but i dint believe its dead because there is no blood rings at all. I need opinions.
By looking to the photos above, they haven't really started yet, few days of incubation at most. Keep them in your incubator a bit longer, You will see in a few days if they get more developed. If not, they are most likely infertile or dead.

PS: the second one does seem to be more developed. That one is half dark, which could mean it's alive. If it is, you should be able to see the blood veins. And an embryo moving.
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Incubate at 99.5 degrees for a few day , it takes 29 day for them to hatch after 2 weeks you should be able to see veins at three weeks you can put it in warm water and watch the egg bobble and move
Tbey are the same egg... i can see very littoe veins so you would say this egg is syill developing? Ive been incubating it for two days
Yes. Then the shadow on the second photo is just a yolk. It means that you got the egg that was not yet incubated and you started the process 2 days ago. You will see the blood veins growing larger. Candle the light again when you'll have it in an incubator for 8 days. At that point it will be evident if it's alive or not. There will be many red veins and you will see the little duck embryo.

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