Recipes for a Dehydrator


15 Years
Nov 28, 2008
My DH received an Excalibur Food Dehydrator from Santa...does anyone have any good recipes?? Especially looking for jerky recipes... Thanks for any great ideas you might have out there!!
I made "sun dried tomatos" in mine. They can be frozen and used in soups and salads in the winter.
I also dried peppers.
I've done sun dried tomatoes as well...yum!

I've also done fruit roll-ups, or fruit leather; there's lots of recipes online. I just used a mixture of applesauce and grape juice, spread layers of saran wrap on the racks, poured it in (carefully!!) and about 6 hours later, homemade fruit roll-ups! Sans all the nasty preservatives and such.

We've done A LOT of beef jerky. London broil works the best, as it tends to be on the leaner side. Sirloin does pretty good, as well.

I've even made chicken jerky, and it turned out pretty tasty, even if it sounds a little gross.

I still haven't tried any ground meat as jerky, but I've been meaning to. They make a little jerky gun for squeezing out the meat, but I don't have one yet.

There's all kinds of great marinade recipes online, just make sure you marinade at least 24 hours!

Oh, and the banana chips didn't turn out at all, much to my disappointment.

Have fun! Food dehydrators are great!!
Oh, and another thing: a good tip is to freeze the meat for an hour or so until it is very firm, but not completely frozen. It makes cutting a whole lot easier. Also always cut across the grain.

I tried to find my favorite marinade recipe for you but I can't find it! I'll keep looking....
Fruit roll ups sound delicious..will have to try them too. Need to check the papers and see what fruit is on sale!
mushrooms are good slice into 1/4 inch slices,
I never even thought of mushrooms. Do you freee them when done? Does vaccuum packing keep them?

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