Recommendations for Good Point-And-Shoot Camera Under $150?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by speckledhen, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Still on the search for a good point and shoot camera that is under $150 to replace my super slow, falling-apart Nikon Coolpix L22. It's held together by tape, literally. Shutter speed is like molasses, making me miss so many shots. No more Coolpix cameras.

    Amazon gave me a refund in a gift card for a used camera. so I'll get one there, most likely. My husband bought me a Kodak Easyshare Z1285 at a thrift store for under $5 and it did great, when it would stay on, then quit working. I liked the shutter speed and the pics, so got the same used one on Amazon. That one would only take a few photos then turn itself off. Sent it back. So that one is out. though I love the pictures it takes and the shutter speed. My main deal is a pretty fast shutter speed in that category and decent low-light photos with a good optical zoom.
    I want one that I can stick in my pocket pretty well while running around the farm. Any recommendations?

    Please don't tell me I can't get a decent camera in that price range. I can't buy a $1000 camera. I just want one to take pictures around the place and one that does decent video with a good, smooth optical zoom.


    NVM, found another one that is refurbished Sony DSC-W710 16 MP on Amazon. Will try that one, but if it is a dud, well, will be back to the drawing board.
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    I really like my cannon powershot sx110. It's been a great camera. Never failed yet, it's very simple, but yet can get as complex as you want, as your skills and knowledge improve. The only drawback, it's pretty hard on the pair of AA it runs on.
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    I see that it's becoming harder and harder to find cameras that use actual AA batteries now. I've always looked for them but now, it is just not always easy to find one that is rated highly, plus uses those. The one I ordered shipped within 45 minutes of my order. It uses a lithium ion like most do but reviews by customers say it has a decent battery life. I am only paying $59 for a refurbished one with all original accessories when it sells for about $130 new so we shall see. I only want it for photographing my quilts and my property and my chickens, don't travel or anything so charging a battery should not be an issue. Amazon sells two battery packs and a charger for about $17 if I was so inclined but probably won't need it.

    My Nikon Coolpix L22 was good on batteries but piece by piece it fell apart and the shutter speed was like it was on crutches. And when my husband tried to see if he could do something to make the battery compartment stay shut this morning, it suddenly quit working altogether. :/

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