Red bulb keeps dying before it's time


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Aug 20, 2009
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Does anyone know what is going on? In an effort to keep my chickens warm, I have a 250 watt red bulb in the coop. Anyway, it hadn't been cold enough but now it is. Two times now, the bulbs have burned out right away. Is it b/c I turned them on when they were really cold? They aren't cheap bulbs and I don't want to keep making that mistake!
Thanks all
Maybe there's something screwy with the lamp, not the bulbs. Or a short elsewhere. But when bulbs cut out early, it's usually not the bulb, it's the thing it's screwed into or the power.
I'd think you re getting a power surge to blow the bulb, maybe a problem in the lamp. Are you connections in the lamp tight?

Do you have something else on the circuit that is causing the power to vary. Pumps, refrigerators and freezers are real bad about this, but plugging in a saw or drill to the same circuit can cause a power drop and surge. That's why I put a breaker box in my shed that has the coop in it. The lights are on two different circuits and the plug-in sockets are also on a couple of different circuits.
Did you buy the bulbs all at once or from the same place, something might have happened to them before you got them and are you being careful with those bulbs, they are a fire hazard and i know a family who lost 2 chicken coops and almost there house because of those bubs in the winter, you might want to look into Heat emiters instead they last longer and don't explode, they are ceramic. and lower watts
I actually do have a circuit breaker in there as well...and there is nothing plugged in except the lamp. I need hubby to bring me a bulb tonight and I will try with a different lamp.

Thanks for the info!

Use these - they last for years and are very durable.
Your lamp isnt working right. Cheap or no the bulbs have no reason to burn out unless the lamp is surging or the connection is otherwise faulty.

Get a new lamp before your coop catches fire.

The lamp can still surge enough to blow the bulb without tripping the breaker, especially being the only thing on it.

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