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    So we want a new chicken in our coop. We have found a red-sex link but we have no idea what it is, we tried searching on the web but nothing came up. So can someone please answer these questions!?!?

    - What breed are they? I found out that they are two or more different breeds together, but which?
    - Are they winter hardy? I live in Canada where the winters can get very cold, so would they be able to live through winter?
    - Can they live with Sussex? I have two Light Sussex, and we want to buy one Red sex-link, would this be okay?
    - How many eggs do they produce per year?
    - And would they be friendly and docile? Would they run away from me?
    -How long do they live? We found one that is 18 months old, how much time does she have left?

    Someone please answer me! [​IMG]Thank you so much.
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    Red sex links are not a specific cross. They are any bird that results from a cross of parents that creates a red sex linked offspring. So it could be a rhode island red over a rhode island white, a buff brahma over a light brahma, etc.

    I have some and live in VT and they handle the cold fine.

    I don't see why you couldn't keep one with sussexes.

    If you are buying one from a hatchery, they are a hybrid created to lay a lot of eggs, so you will get a lot of eggs from them.

    Whether they will allow you to handle them or not will depend on on the individual bird. In general though they are fairly calm.
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